Harmony provides landowners with attractive long-term lease opportunities in exchange for developing assets on their land. Harmony pays for all the project costs from the outset and ensures the asset is fully insured and maintained throughout the lease term.

Project scale depends on site characteristics with Harmony typically requiring between 1 to 200 acres of land for development. The annual rent is inflation linked for up to 40 years.

An outline of the process is detailed below:

Our Process

Stage 1

Harmony carries out an initial site feasibility assessment. This process takes 12-14 weeks and includes:

  • Submitting a detailed application to connect an asset to the Grid from the relevant Distribution Network Operator
  • Completing a site screening assessment to ensure an asset can be accommodated on the site

Stage 2

Provided that the site feasibility assessment proves positive, Harmony will make an offer to take an option on the land to develop an asset. Harmony will then carry out further detailed project design works, compile the planning application and submit to the respective council.

Stage 3

When planning permission and full grid connection is confirmed the site will be developed. The site will then be connected to the grid and commissioned.

Stage 4

Harmony will ensure the asset is fully insured and maintained throughout the lease term. After the initial lease period, there will be an option for a new lease to be put in place – potentially providing a further period of inflation linked income to the landowner.

Stage 5

At the end of the lease, Harmony will remove all equipment and the site will be returned to its original condition.

Please contact us if you own land in close proximity to a primary or bulk substation and want to learn more about what we can offer.

Case Studies

We have developed and operate a number of renewable energy assets throughout the UK. Please find some more information on these in the case studies pages below.

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