Benefits for Landowners

Exploring the possibility of installing renewable energy assets on your land can be a daunting prospect. We are a trusted partner with a long history of guiding landowners through their project options.

Our projects provide landowners with attractive, long-term income opportunities. You will not be exposed to any financial risk because we bear all development costs (including costs incurred by you). We also take full responsibility for securing the grid connection and obtaining planning permission.

Where possible you can retain the flexibility to continue using your land for other activities, enabling you to maximise financial returns and environmental benefits.

In some cases, Purchase Power Agreements (PPAs) are available to landowners who use large amounts of energy on site. This can enable the landowner to purchase clean energy below the market price and achieve substantial savings against the increasing cost of energy from the grid.

Want to know more? We’ve broken down the method into four stages so you can see exactly what’s involved, or speak to our team for more details.

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