Battery Energy Storage

Harmony is focussed on developing and operating a portfolio of utility-scale battery energy storage systems across the UK to provide a range of services to National Grid, including grid balancing services, frequency response services, demand side response services and reserve services.

Demand for these services is growing as more renewable energy is connected across the grid. Harmony wants to support continued renewable energy generation deployment by providing National Grid with the low impact, battery energy storage systems it needs to support the UK’s electricity infrastructure.

Harmony has developed over 400 MW of subsidy-free Battery Energy Storage systems in the UK and has a further [400] MW under development. Please contact us for project references.

Harmony is also seeking opportunities to couple energy generated by wind and solar farms with battery storage assets. Pioneering battery storage technology offers the ability to stabilise and balance the outflow of electricity from wind and solar farms enabling it to be used most effectively.

Case Studies

We have developed and operate a number of renewable energy assets throughout the UK. Please find some more information on these in the case studies pages below.

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