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Spital Syke Farm, Carlisle

About the Project

Spital Syke farm is a mixed farm of cattle, sheep and free range hens. The hens produce free-range eggs for the Happy Eggs brand and the farmers have invested heavily in the latest hen sheds and equipment to meet the high level of welfare standards required. The turbine helps offset the cost of the farms electricity and has significantly reduced their carbon footprint.


“From the start to the completion of our wind turbine project, Harmony Energy have given us high quality advice and guidance. By working in partnership with Harmony Energy, we were able to select the most sympathetic siting within the farm for the turbine, ensuring minimal impact on our normal farming practice of producing pedigree Limousin breeding cattle. Offsetting our carbon footprint also enables us to maintain the high ethical values necessary for our free range poultry business to be a supplier to the Happy Egg Company – simultaneously providing our farming business with a source of extra income.”

Craig Norman.

01423 789 601
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