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About us

Harmony Energy was established in 2010. The company is focused on the development of 100kW to 5MW wind energy projects in the industrial and agricultural sectors, where the electricity generated by the turbine can be fed directly to the onsite energy user.


We fund all the project costs enabling the landowner to take no risk. Many projects fail in the planning process, which can be an expensive risk that landowners do not wish to take.

The level of benefit a landowner can achieve depends on a number of factors at the location.

We deal with all matters including the following:

  • Initial feasibility assessment
  • Grid connection application
  • Planning and Appeals
  • Pre-construction project management
  • Construction and commissioning
  • Ongoing management throughout the lease term

Site suitability

Sites should have a good wind resource and should be close to large energy users such as factories and farms, with good access for large vehicles.

The turbine base is compact taking up only a small amount of land. At the end of the lease, the lease can be extended or the turbine can be removed.

Medium Scale Wind Power

Wind technology is well proven and technological advances continue to make turbines more efficient. The main turbines used by Harmony are direct drive turbines, which do not contain a gearbox and are therefore quieter and more reliable than older designs.

Wind turbines provide a long term source of renewable energy which help businesses reduce their environment impact and costs, thereby benefiting all stakeholders environmentally and economically. The turbines generate financial benefits through saving the landowner electricity costs and through the Feed-in Tariff introduced by the Government in April 2010.

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